Handi Van Inc. Wish List

This is for the business Handi Van Inc.,

for Lee Anne Walker, the woman who put her life and life savings into it,

for the customers,

for a new non-profit to bridge the gap between the costs of providing the service and the ability of customers to pay,

for a better Salt Lake City reform,

for the Utah Public Service Commission to again Regulate intrastate passenger transportation,

for . . .  well, you get the idea.  For everybody to live happily ever after.

a 2006 to 2011 ADA van in good shape, preferably under 350,000 miles. Salt Lake City as of Dec. 2010, has new age–six years–and mileage–350,000 miles–limitations on vehicles. The reform has ensnared one of our vehicles already taking it off the road and causing difficulties. There is a recession on and we are struggling so we have not been buying a new van or two every year like in the ’90’s.(see breaking news and our efforts to solve that crisis.) A brand new van would get past these legal limits for some time to come, and also make us feel confident about responding to long distance runs–like we did in 2008 when FEMA called at 3 pm on a Saturday looking for help evacuating disabled people before Hurricane Gustav made landfall Monday afternoon. Within 4 hours we had a van and team of drivers on the road determined to drive straight through and do as much as possible. Afterwards the FEMA contractor told Lee Anne calls were made to all the wheelchair vans companies and Handi Van Inc was the only one to respond from Utah, Colorado, or Arizona.

A “FEMA” plan for orderly evacuation to safety of people in wheelchairs, or elderly, in case of emergency in Utah.

some kind of subsidy for our passengers to make it more affordable for them    

volunteers–drivers, mechanics, computer help, grant writer, marketing, non-profit lawyer (Handi Van Inc. is not a tax-deductible, charitable corporation but Lee Anne and Travis Skeem, a loyal customer want to get one going so he can take his young teenage daughter to a concert or Jazz game and get home again without hardship and other people can do something necessary or wonderful.)

a make a wish fund for those necessary and/or wonderful trips that neither Lee Anne nor the client can pay for

actually 2 new or newer ADA vans and 2 ADA compliant mini buses.

Any age vehicle donated, that could be equipped and run in the county, or sold for one of these goals.  mechanics to get it ready.

more drivers,  paid or volunteer.  full or part time.

driver badges

parking place  for a couple vehicles in Cottonwood Heights area

enough office help so Lee Anne can have a life. Or maybe a buyer or partner or non-profit to get involved and carry on the work.

reform the new taxi reform, to feed calls to taxi companies  for wheelchair vans to a central switchboard and includes Handi Van  Inc giving rides at taxi rates.  And find a way to expand it beyond the City limits,  or  those able to get to the curb on their own.

enough business to make it all work–taxes, insurance, gas, wages, equipment, communications, office.


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