step 8 – January City Council meeting

After attending the December City Council meeting for the 2 minute public comment, and a month of all these emails asking for help, by Monday, January 3, the day before the January City Council meeting I had realized without being told the taxi reform issues were not on the agenda. I sent one more email (see below) and started working on a press release. (see below)

I sent the press release I had prepared and I made arrangements to attend the January City Council meeting, to make another 2 minute appeal. My stamina is pretty taxed by going through these meetings for just 2 minutes at the end. Turns out the Mayor made his State of the City speech, and the picture in the Tribune shows me sagging in my wheelchair in the front row. Not a glamor shot, but I was there looking them all in the eye, and speaking my truth to their power when I got a chance. (Also below.)

The new City Council was introduced, and there is a new Chairwoman, Jill Remington Love, who in brief conversation before the meeting was pleasant and approachable, and said they had all been getting all my emails.

Turns out my computer picked up an email on the City Council meeting day, saying Russell Weeks and some staff had been assigned that day to look into my concerns. Maybe someone in the media called on my press release to see what was going to happen on the issue? Maybe some other reason for no feedback until that day. Whatever worked. I still went to the City Council meeting.

Turns out the council had assigned someone from their staff was to look into the general issues I had raised and report to the Council on Jan. 18. Not a public meeting? And that the Mayor is the one who could consider enforcement of the law in the individual case of one van. I fired back to the Mayor asking for help to get the vehicle back in service in the City, and for immediate written permission to take the out-of-service sticker off the van, and to bring it into the City for the City Council meeting in case he, or the Council, or the media wanted to see it. I did not get that until after the meeting.

The group of emails up to and through the City Council meeting follows:


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