“Wheelchair Van Service” Call for a ride: (801) 281-8416

Handi Van Inc. is a wheelchair van service founded in 1984. We know what we are doing, and we love doing it.

Call for info, for rates, for a ride.  (801) 281-8416.  We serve Salt Lake City and County and the surrounding area.  Most of our work is within a 30 mile radius. We will run throughout the Wasatch Front counties and beyond.

We are a private family business.  We do not have any government subsidies, or  restrictions about who can use us.  If you need us and somebody promises to pay, we will come.

We prefer notice by 4 o’clock of the working day before.  If you call us on short  notice, we will work out with you how soon we can help–maybe immediately, maybe in an hour, maybe before we go home for the day.  It is never too soon to make an appointment, and wise to schedule your transportation at the same time you get the doctor appointment, plane ticket, or dinner reservation so you don’t forget.

We were a 24/7 service continuously up until this summer,  as  we are  feeling the effects of the recession and consequences of “government reforms”.  We are working days and will keep appointments at any hour, and it doesn’t hurt to call any time nights and weekends to see if we have someone on.  We are hoping for better times and to go back to normal.  Or perhaps forward to something better.  (See our Wish List for directions we would like to go.)

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One Response to “Wheelchair Van Service” Call for a ride: (801) 281-8416

  1. Leanne D'Andrea says:

    What a great idea!!! I am so happy to have this website available!
    L. D’Andrea

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